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the green is rain, the heaviest rain is in heres in the yellows and the oranges, this is now really pretty much contained around the dc area, montgomery county, and still some off towards the north and west. the light rain across most of maryland. as we head towards western maryland, they are dealing with snow, you can see two to three feet of snow, in west virginia. look at the map, this is really crazy looking. goes to show you all the watches and wantings around the area. we are dealing with flood watches and warnings, blizzard warnings towards the west there. there is a high, a hurricane forced wind, in effect for today and that is for the
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chesapeake bay. lots going on, speaking of the winds, we are going to be gusting, about 30 miles an hour, 35 miles an hour, not tboik to rule out tropical storm forced winds, all it takes is a 35 miles an hour wind gust for that. that's possible. we look at rainfalls see the totalses they are adding up, over an inch in german town, annapolis, parkville, trying to get there, it will get there we can see over an inch in bel air, this will continue through the day and see the windy conditions as well. this is the peak winds for yesterday. close to 70 from annapolis to arbutus, dundalk and carol. make shoe you take precautions and stay indoorss the rain and the wind will continue to whip things around. power loss potential is high out. this we will start to bring things back to normal as we head in to tomorrow and beyond. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook.
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good morning, the hef winds shut town the bay brim and brought down power lines in harford. route 24 shut down at route 136. problems persist if baltimore county, we are dealing with a bit of flooding, paper mill shutdown at delaney valley road in the city, more flooding on falls road. shutdown right at lake avenue as well as old pimlico road. on main lines, as we check in and look here, at 695, at baltimore national pike road, very, very slick. if you have to head out, be careful. this is what howard county looks like, interstate 70, columbia pike. everything moving along. use precaution as you head out. we have a closure to tell you about. 103 shut down due to flooding at business parkway. arundel county, closures on route 17, route 648.
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a woman took these pictures, she opened up her apartment window and started taking the photos. >> you have the flooding in the subway system. 1.9million people in the dark across new york. it is a real back up there.
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they are forced not by water, flood, sandy but by fire. tonight what we seen is ople he people, they are people with a lot of pride to them. they are keeping the pride tonight and going the people i have spoken to said they will rebuild and they will get through this. that was coming from a producer from abc.
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this is what it looked like inside a train station in new jersey. all mass trance it in the area remain shutdown as well as three airports, about 10,000 flights nationwide are currently grounded thanks to sandy. the connections of manhattan, brooklyn, the systems could be shutdown for a week as a result of the flood waters. music: guitar, clapping and whistling throughout.
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that you can for stay withing us this morning. we are staying on the air to keep you safe and keep you informed. we still have a lot of rain to deal with and heavy winds. we told you yesterday morning about a ship that's called the hms bounty. it was caught in the choppy waters. and this was all because of sandy. the coast guard did manage to rescue most of jfthe jfpeople onboard. but sadly, we have learned that one crew member died in the sea and the captain is still missing this rning. you are looking at a photograph that was tweeted by the u.s. can coast guard. and it's incredible looking. you can see just the top of ñrt
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ship sticking out from the ocean water. this as it continues to sink into the water. 16 people were onboard the bounty when it started taking on water. 14 people made it to lifeboats. the captain and the other crew member, they were tossed from the ship by a giant wave. the owner of the ship is t(a ma named robert hanson. he says he is devastated by the loss of life and the jfloss xdo the replica ship. >> i've just spent my çólife, y know, rebuilding this ship. we t(saved her from literally t graveyard once. and to have her go like this is just heart wrenching. >> now hanson says that the captain was aware of the storm and has been sailing on the bounty for more than 20 years. all right, we want to take a look at the weather here. i know that a lot of you are wondering, i heard the wind, i heard the rain s that the -- rain, is that the last ñiof it? and then you see more rain. we're going to get to that in a
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minute. but we want to@(remind you, if neighbors have possibly lost power and they have a generator, check on them. this is from a situation out of howard county. we have been told by folks down there that three people have been taken to shock trauma. this because they have become sick with carbon monoxide poisoning. one is in critical condition. check on them because this is always a situation when people are using them. time now for a check on the i ut(v all righ we can expect more rain and more wind. and it won't be as bad as yesterday. so what i mean when i say that, we won't see the heavy yellows and oranges like yesterday, but we will be xdin the rain in the green shield as lighter steadier rain will be moving in. and the winds won't be as gusty as yesterday. but we still will feel the effects of sandy throughout the day. as we look back ñitowards the west, we do have snow wrapping
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up in this. now i want to show you this, so of course with a storm, you have a counterclockwise spin and you can see the rotation, that spin there. so this, even the snow kind of has to wrap around. so with that, i am the not going to rule out maybe a couple flurries tonight, especially around carroll county. nothing will stick because it's just too warm and too warm at the surface. but with this rotating around, that is not out of the question. you could just be seeing flakes flying, but once again, mainly towards the west and fredrick. that is our viewing area. don't be surprise fort lauderdale that happens this evening. now this is the okbigger story for today, more rain piling up on the rain that piled up yesterday. about 5 to 6 inches yesterday. and we could get maybe about 3 or 4 more inches today. and we are going to continue with dealing with the flood warnings xdthrough today. wouldn't be surprise fort lauderdale maybe we had a --
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surprised if maybe we had it go through tomorrow morning and coastal flood effects through tomorrow morning for areas in blue. high tides at 7:44, 8:26 middle river and port deposit at 11:39. and a check of the forecast for you, we will stay windy through tuesday. breezy thursday and friday. and start to see the light at the end of the tunn with more sunshine by the weekend. let's ñiget a check now of the traffic. good morning. gooding. well the heavy winds okcontinue to shut down the bay bridge. 176 will be shut down at baltimore boulevard. route 175 also going to be closed at route 3. and if you are traveling in baltimore city, do be aware more flooding closure, falls road shut down. and also going to be closed at lake avenue. and check in and take a look at the main lines there. orth of 695. we can pull up the shot.
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or not. but if you are traveling the main line this is xda live look at 95 in white marsh. ars just yet. that is a good thing because conditions are dangerous out there. the roads are extremely slick. and all the speeds have been reduced to 45 miles per hour. if you are heading out, definitely take it slow. because it is pretty bad out there. that is a look at your traffic. and now the live desk. we're out here at the live desk with everything you need to know relative to sandy. now a super storm. yesterday it was a w3hurricane, category one. is your place to xd go for information for sandy. á screen. all breaking news and alerts, weather alerts on the right- hand side. and the closings, 165 closings and delays. and if you're away from the television, you can watch us, we're streaming live video right there. you can see the live stream on
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the sandy update. the interact radar, photos from the storms çóof yesterday. power outages. everything you need to know to keep you ahead of the storm locally. and now we want to branch down into new york. that has been a very big hit area over the past 24 hours. for that, we are going to go to twitter, under the hash tag sandy. this gives you some of the images and some of the things posted on twitter in the past 24 hours. atlantic city is going to be under this hash tag. you see that. a lot of people here. just one i want to show you. take a look at this. parked in the water, this comes [ indiscernible ]. you see just how bad it is in the low-lying areas. one more in here. don't need to see ñrthat. that's a fake. you don't want to see that. this is the shot i ñrwant you t see. this is the subway we have been telling you that. throughout the morning with
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continuing coverage. subway, we have ridden this subway before. you have been down there. it's now under water. this could be a week until they are back up and running cin new york. imagine how that is going to hamstring the city. once again, now going to the hash tag of queens. just telling you about that 50 house fire overnight. we've got a hash tag for you there on twitter as well. images out of there. this is a still from the fire. massive fire. producer what he saw hands-on right there. he filed that report from a church as the people were evacuated. like you said, not by the rain, not by the wind. not by the flooding of sandy. but it was by the fire. a massive fire affecting 50 houses in the breezy point area. this is a spot where a lot of people connected to 9/11, where many of the firefighters and those emergency crews lived. there's a shot we wanted to show you quickly. once again, a wide shot of the
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fire. no need to see that. don't want to see that. there was a sign we wanted to show you. maybe we will find that. but before we go back inside, you were talking about this earlier, with that carbon monoxide poisoning out of howard county, this from the cdc, if you go to the, the basics for carbon monoxide protection and emergency power outage, generators, things like that. because the co can blow into the house and you don't even know it's there and it can cause poisoning in the house. maybe what we're dealing with. and burning safety. go to the for carbon monoxide poisoning and tips you need to know. >> like you said, you can't smell it and you can't see it. good to know what signs to look for. we're going to take a quick
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break. when we come back, more coverage of super storm sandy now being dubbed a super storm downgraded from a hurricane. a live picture of new york city right now. this is an area that is pretty wet, but also safer than lower manhattan, an area that got hit hard. we'll be right back. it's oysternomics 101. you start with a u.s. senator named ben. by helping restore thousands of acres of oyster beds, he kept hundreds of oystermen on the job...
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thank ñryou for joining us this morning. we continue our extended team coverage of super storm sandy. in a little bit, we are going to hear from the governor. he is expected to give an update. >> he will be speaking where he has been for several days, the nema headquarters and we are ár"e the building with more on the team this morning. >> reporter: thank you. and with me ñiright now, the lieutenant colonel of xdthe national guard. and tell us what the national guard is doing for maryland right now? >> well, we're really working
7:41 am
along side our first responders and making sure that they're able to do their job. some areas have been blocked or restricted due to the water and flooding and our vehicles have a higher clearance and we are able to transport them to the areas. >> reporter: and what are some of the things specifically that you have seen across the state right now? >> well, we have been ñihelping with evacuations. some areas like southern maryland, eastern shore of maryland, helping with evacuations. and we're also doing patrols in some of the areas at ocean city where they have evacuated the people. so we're really helping out and augmenting the existing force that's out there. >> reporter: and what is the mood inside the building? busy in there? there's a lot going on. what are people saying? >> well, weg$!ñtrying to assess what's happened. ing at potential requests we could be getting and what were the actual damage of the storm. there's still rain is obviously still falling. so there xdstill could be more damage and more requests for assistance and we are trying to
7:42 am
respond as they come in. >> reporter: great. and what do you want to tell the people out there then? still stay indoors? >> yes, still need to be inside. if they see downed line, stay away. hsx power. keep their generators outside. don't run them inside. in the past, people have died from leaving their çógenerators inside. so really just continuing to be safe and be cautious and let us, let the people get to the jobs so they can get the power back on and people get back to their normal lives. >> reporter: thank you. we appreciate you out here in the rain. and still pret,y]cold out here back to you in the studio. >> all right. we will check in later. of course, the headquarters is where the governor ñiis goin to speak at 10:30. yesterday one thing he kept hammering home, stay off the roads if you can. the state highway department, how are you? >> good morning, i'm dry, how are you? >> i'm glad. thank you for joining us and
7:43 am
hopefully you have power. >> yes, i'm with the state wide operation center. we are fine here. can you describe what the ere? situation is right now? >> well, it's still raining. the roads are of course wet and many roads that are closed and many signals that are out. our crews are out now assessing the damage throughout the area. and çówe're cautioning people a your last person just said to stay off the roads. let us assess the damage, see what we have to get done with the traffic oksignals out, remi viewers that as of october 1st, there's a new law that says you must treat dark signals as a four-way start. >> such a good thing. >> it really is. >> intersections out. and there's also a level of confusion. so treat it as a four-way stop. >> exactly. >> and because i know, i have a heard lot of this in the past
7:44 am
48 hours, any time we're told to stay off the roads, a lot of people are very good. and people are obeying that, but i have heard from some viewers saying, i work at the hospital, tough go to work. or my boss says i better be here. and people are really protective of their jobs and they want to make sure that they stay that way. so if you have to head to work and go on the roads is there anything they should do before they head out? maybe check a website t(to see what advice would ñiyou have fo people? >> we recommend that people go to our website and you ñiwill find all of ñrthe tips for ñto go out into conditions like this there. and you can also go to the website to get d go to - go to website
7:45 am
to get information. make sure your car ñris in good condition. >> right. and stay away if the standing water. >> stay ñiaway from standing water. don't try to go through a barricade. don't drinthru high water. use common fásense, log on to t websites before you leave the house. and then take it slow because remember that the speed limits are restricted to 45 miles per hour on interstates and u.s. routes. >> great piece of information. so take it slow if you have to go anywhere. from from the state highway department. i know you have fábeen working hard. and i appreciate you taking the time to speak with us this morning. >> thank you for helping get the word out. >> and if you are at home and you are lpwondering, i heard th wind howling yesterday, i saw the rain, i want to know when i can go outside and when life will get back to çónormal, hang on because we ñiwill let you know. well, still dealing with wet roadways and also some
7:46 am
windy conditions out there. so super storm sandy is still churning and bringing up wet weather across the area. you can see it on radar. but noonly are you seeing sandy, you are seeing the cold side of another system that actually merged with sandy bringing plenty of snow across west virginia and also into western maryland. you can see that change over right there in the blue color, that pink color when it's all said and done, up to 2 to 3 feet of snow. in terms of ñibeing on the roadways, you don't ñiwant to d that. let's zoom into the heaviest rain and it's right here in the orange color, the yellow color. and around dc, montgomery county. everywhere else dealing with light rain. that's what you're seeing in the green color. outside, you can see what's going on because i know you haven't been out already this
7:47 am
morning, not unless you opened the door and then xdclosed the door back. right now, we are dealing ñrwit plenty of cloud cover and from the clouds, we have the rain coming in. i like the fact we're not jf seeing people on the roadways because we don't need to see that. and now we head, the river, and we are nice and quiet in e1term of no boats out there. but we will see plenty of rain continuing in annapolis and everywhere else throughout the day. let me show you this, this is what i vice president showed you in a -- what i haven't show you had in a while. 38 degrees in baltimore. pilesville at 38 degrees as well. 40 in analysis. and also we have warning, watches across the board here. flood warnings, blizzard, a hurricane force wind warning for the chesapeake bay through rest of today. peak winds yesterday, 77 in atlantic city.
7:48 am
that's a hurricane force wind there. and then everywhere else, tropical storm warnings. and for today, on the win die side. and we may reach about 39 which is a tropical storm forced winds. now a check of traffic. good morning. good morning. well those serious winds continue to shut down the bay bridge and it's causing trees to come down. there's a ñifallen power line that continues to shut down route 24 at croute 136. îiqu9e1the problems persist across the region in baltimore county right in phoenix. mill road is shut down. if you are traveling in baltimore city, do be aware that falls road is closed for flooding. falls road going to be shut down at lake avenue. and check in and take a fálook 83 north of 695, notice the roadways very wet. if you don't have to travel today, don't. we have flooding under the day. and definitely something to keep in mind. speeds have been reduced to 45 miles per hour.
7:49 am
so the big thing is, if you are traveling, definitely take it slow. over to you. >> okay. the eens fire, the new york times is reporting that the fire, 50 homes out !i still on fire this morning. probably going to have new images for you as we continue this morning. and also, the image we ñrshowed you of the 68th street subway tunnel, the most destructive the 108 history of the new york city subway system. no timetable okyet on when service will be restored. that gives you perspective as to how damaging sandy has been. >> and if you know a firefighter, they'll do anything to save your property, so it's got to be a horrible feeling to see the homes on fire and not be able to do anything because of flooding. we ñrhave continuing coverage. it's something many homeowners worry about, especially those who have the big xdtrees in the front yard. >> and killing a man, the worst
7:50 am
case scenario, this happening . we have been twighterring information. what do you have for us. >> reporter: police tell us new information this morning. we are here live in millersville. the county executive was out at the house and he has spoke within the family. this was an 8 to foot tree that fell on top of the roof, crushed through the house because it was so big, so lp heavy, crushed this man to death. when police arrived, just before 11:00 last night, they found that the tree had fallen in the front yard on top of the house, cut through the house literally and fell on top of this man who was in the kitchen. we're told the victim was in his 70s. he was home by himself. doing what we have been told, we have been told to do, just stay inside, b- asafe, ride out the storm. when that tree fell and crushed him to death. no one else was home. we're told that ñrman had an
7:51 am
adult son who would occasionally stay with him. he was not there last night. they are waiting to bring in a heavy crane to remove the tree from the house and then they'll be able to take the body to the ñexaminer's office. police are waiting to make a positive identification on the man until they do so. live in millersville, abc 2 news. our extended continuing coverage of the storm keeps on going. >> stay with us here. if you have to step away from the television, we're streaming live for you at >> we are showing you a live picture of new york ñicity wher you can see how powerful the storm has hit the area. take a look at the crane. we will be right back.
7:52 am
7:53 am
a live picture of xdthe jersey shore. definitely a nasty situation there. they have seen so much inúrthe
7:54 am
way of rain, wind and really this isn't that bad considering súhome areas of the atlantic city, new jersey are complete mess and underwater this morning. >> some of the photos we have been showing you today, the downtown area, streets, cars under water. and we had the shot of the cnn reporter being forced to walk down the center of the busiest street, it was up to his hips in the water. he was wading through there, going back the a live shot location. and super storm sandy has pounded the eastern shore. and on the phone this morning is kurt, he comes from arizona. and people might be wondering, what is a guy from arizona doing here? >> got to get the hurricane pelt on the wall. how are you this morning? >> the notch is on my belt. i suppose that's true. the rain has lightened up and the wins have lightened up. basically a breeze at this point. what we're seeing this morning is the flooding out here. we're actually at the chester
7:55 am
river beach area. this which is right off the bay. if you know the area. and it xdbacks up to the river. and what we're seeing is the river flooded up to the back of holmes. it doesn't appear at this w3poi reached homes. but it's too close for comfort for some people. we did see flooding of xdroads the area here. so some flooding of parking lov%9ñthe area. we're not sure if it's peaked or hasn't. we talked to a firefighter and he feels like it's finally receding. probably got to the worst or appears to have gotten to the worst at about çó5:00 this morning. so we're waiting like everyone else here to jfsee if this does settle down. a lot of çópeople in the low- lying area took cars to higher ground yesterday. so make sure that if xdthe home did flood out, they could take off and get out. >> you're talk about being around the residential areas
7:56 am
near the river. some poem taking their qcars to higher ground. and now that we've had daylight here, are you seeing people out walking around? assessing the damage? or people basically staying inside? >> not really. yeah, people basically staying inside. there are a couple roads that are so flooded that you can't get down them. so i think a lot of people, maybe if ñrthey did try to venture real that it's not worth it. we had to turn around to get to where we were going. so it's quiet here this morning. i imagine as the morning gets going, things will start to pick up and people will start to assess the damage. but the wind didn't do a lot of damage. we saw a couple limbs down, but no major trees uprooted or anything like that. >> that's a community where people help each other. >> we'll be watching for it. keep you posted. >> we'll check in later. pictur;ajrfacebook, twitter, youtube and even four square,
7:57 am
you name it. the storms, everybody seems to become a reporter, no doubt about it. it's so easy with the iphone and everything out there. ocean city basically flooded the streets and we have seen the image, and that pier crumbling into the water. >> if we can take a look e1at t photographs. you just mentioned ocean city, they have had a big problem, the jersey shore. the jersey waves, jersey city, new jersey, problems here there. is, this video you were talking about how everyone becomes a citizen journalist. it becomes helpful because you actually in many instances have an eye on the ground where we may not be able to get to. >> as long as you don't put yourself in danger. and any credible news organization would tell their reporters the same thing, be safe. and and it's the same as far as anything else go, we want to see your video and share it with other people because we can't be everywhere and you're our eyes and ears so, we love
7:58 am
to see stuff like this as long as you're being safe. >> these shots, if the producer cans tell us. we're being told this is ocean city in maryland. >> ocean city, new jersey. >> thank you. so some pretty incredible images. that in new york city. >> that's battery park. >> right. the area where they have seen some of the worst damage as far as manhattan goes. that area of ñithe city completely under water. and they are fining a lot of damage to the subway system. >> hearing the subway system, the damage is the worst in the 108-year history of the subways in new york. and no timetable on when they'll be fixed. >> this video out of boston. in that community, not only did they have everything we dealt with, but winds were incredible. >> okay, some snow xdtoo. why not? >> a little bit of everything. and actually the snow is one of the reasons they're calling this a super storm.
7:59 am
because i çóknow a lot of peopl sent me messages saying, what does that mean? it was a hurricane and now a super storm. but stay with us because she is going the check in with us. there's a reason they call it super storm sandy. i know a lot of you think it's ridiculous, but there's a reason behind it. >> one of tall ships. regarding the hms bounty, that ship has sunk. there's been great images. some great images and video of that ship. if you remember, just a few short months ago, it was docked in annapolis. my wife walked on the ship. and now you see it up the coast in north carol-6c. it's no more. >> no, no more. still looking for the captain of the ship. our coverage continues when we come back. a live look once again at atlantic city. you see the foam t(and you see the waves churning. believe it or not, this is not nearly as bad as it was 24
8:00 am
hours ago. we continue in a moment.
8:01 am
8:02 am
it is just after 8:00, thank you very much for joining us. you heard the wind. you ventured outside. you felt the rain. storm sandy, she was here. a hurricane, now a super storm. we're going to tell you what that means. we want to keep you and your family safe as it rolls through. that's why were on the air right now. normally at 8:00, you would not see us. this story a persistent story. we want to give you the updated and accurate information. >> all right. let's look at the forecast and where we stand right now. i walked outside of the abc 2 news studios. the winds are calm and no rain,
8:03 am
but we don't need a false sense of security. >> you are saying the winds are calner, because we have a breeze out there. it will pick up throughout the day, especially gusts. i want to explain what is going on. megan asked about the summer storm. why are they calling it that. that is stupid, but there is a reason we're calling it super storm sandy. if you can get it out, it is a tongue twister. you have this very cold arctic air coming together with the warm air mass. the two together, you heard me say it all of the time, the clashing of the air masses it can cause something great and super, that's what happened with this storm. also, we have never seen anything like this before, dating back to 1851 in this
8:04 am
latitude. another thing about this, it usually storms this time of the year, they head right out to sea, tropical storms and hurricane sandys, -- hurricanes, but we had this blocking high and it got the the united states. this made it large and super. it is a large storm. so, it is called superstorm sandy. all right. what's going on for today. this jet stream is still bringing in the colder air back towards the mountains. they are dealing with snow in that area. sandy is to the north, it will slide further to the north. but before so plenty of rainfall for today and also very windy conditions. it is cold with the snow back off towards the west and western maryland and also in west virginia. 2 to 3 feet of snow in that
8:05 am
area before it is all said and done. here at home we're dealing with plenty of rainfall. light rain in the green. that is the whole viewing area. except for around washington, d.c., aeroalso looking at montgomery county and seeing the yellows and oranges. that is some moderate rain. so, this will continue to pileup today. temperatures right now, we're chilly, luckily we're not colder, that rain would be snow across our area. now as we go through the evening time rain. i'm not going to rule out a flurry. nothing is going to stick, because it is just too warm. the temperatures are too warm for that, but that's just a thought. we're going talk about the warning in effect through today. i would be surprised if they extended it through tomorrow. we have a coastal flood warning in affect for today until
8:06 am
wednesday. high tide. we still have one coming into the picture as well. we're talking about power loss, because we have the winds still kicking up there. gusts from 25 to 35 miles per hour. would not be surprised a gust up to 40 miles per hour. that would be a tropical storm force with. with that, we could still be losing powerful today. we have the high threats, but back to the west there is snow falling across the area. we have the snow on the trees, that will fall over, into a power line and you lose power. we had power outages and there is the potential for more today. all righting back to you. all right. our teach coverage continues in anne arundel county. people worry about this time of the year, power lines going down. >> a tree came crashing down on a house killing a man inside.
8:07 am
it is the second storm related dead in maryland and linda is live with more. what is the latest. >> reporter: we're live hear at the county police headquarters. the county executive told us an hour ago. it was an 80-foot tree that toppled over with the wind and rain from the storm. around 11:00 last night. in the 7700 block in pasadena, police arrived they got a call, when they got there, they found an 80-foot tree that had crashed through the roof into the left side of their home. you can see it snapped the trunk of this hunt tree. it fell in the kitchen. when it did it willed the 70- year-old man inside. we are told that he was home alone. no one else was home. he does have an adult son who would stay with him, he was not there. the problem this morning because the tree is sheavy. police is to bring in a heavy crane to remove it.
8:08 am
until they do that, they cannot make a positive identification on the man, but he was in his 70s and home alone. as soon as they get the tree removed they will send his body to the medical examiner's office. the county executive wants to remind everyone, if you dodo not feel safe in your home, county shelters are opened to. linda so, abc 2 news. there was another storm related death in maryland. a woman was killed with her carl skidded -- car skidded on the wet road. we will keep you posted. in west virginia, people are taking advantage of the early snow fall. parents bundled up kids and took them sledding. we will look at how it is impacting the united states. coming up -- more storm coverage for you here on abc 2 news and i got it when my internet here was faster than at my office.
8:09 am
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don't wait. go to today. that's call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v. see why millions have chosen fios over cable welcome back to our continuing coverage this morning on abc 2 news and all of this in the aftermath of hurricane sandy, now superstorm sandy. >> all right. we're hearing stories this morning. right now a lot of concerns with power outages and flooding. those are two significant stories today, because we're seeing a lot of rain that's not done and northwesterly flooding. if you already dealt with the flooding situation, we're sorry for the bad news and also more wind. not as bad as yesterday, but breezy out there. >> i us on the phone, stephanie rawlings-blake. mayor, good morning to you. >> good morning.
8:12 am
>> address the people of baltimore and baltimore city, on sunday morning at 9:15. you had specific warnings for the people of the city, did they heed the warnings? >> it does. they are grateful, i'm grateful for emergency workers and city crews. fire, police, they were out in full force and able to respond to every single 9-1-1 call. because most of the people heeded our warning and stayed in fire, we had minimal fire and police. and again, i'm just immensely grateful for that. >> maywhere you started leading the city, you were back into it, we did with back-to-back blazers several years ago. it was like a welcome to this new job for you. this time did you have a handle on that, because you dealt with the previous disaster? [ no
8:13 am
audio ] >> all right. we are on the phone with mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. all right. bge said they were not going to have a situation like in june and july with almost 750,000 people left in the dark. your thoughts on how they
8:14 am
responded so far? >> we have been in close contact. again, bge and me for the city of baltimore, very grateful, we were spared the brunt of sandy's wrath. this was a very unpredictable storm. it required all of us to stand at the ready. i'm grateful that we were spared. bge. i got off of the phone with the head of bge. they are send they crews out. they have about 13,000 customers in the city without power. they are actively working on those restorations. >> all right. mayor. we appreciate your taking the time. i'm sure that you're very busy dealing with this. stay safe, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> yesterday governor talked about how the possibility and the probability of a death toll
8:15 am
resulting from hurricane. any time that you lose one death, that one two many. if you were honest, our elected leaders would say that they are surprised that the few number of deaths in maryland. i got it when my internet here was faster than at my office.
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[ no audio ] many of the homes
8:31 am
are still on fire. he went on to say, it was not the rain, flooding or the wind of sanding that pushed the people from their homes. going to two separate evacuation points. no. it was the fire. that has taken 50 homes away. this story once again. this video courtesy of "cnn." the other video was courtesy of abc. we're going to stay with this story. we learned in the past half- hour, many of the homes are still on fire according to the "new york times." we're going to follow th at >> all right. charlie. we have to check this out. as the sun coming up -- we're seeing incredible images from up and down the coast. look at that, it makes you do a double take and earlier a tanker ship washed ashore in a staten island. this is a boat that washed up to someone's lawn. this is in atlantic city and "good morning america" tweeted this picture out.
8:32 am
we're going to share them with you as they come into the newsroom. all right. stay with us this morning. our continuing coverage of super storm sandy continues this morning. i got it when my internet here was faster than at my office. [ man ] i got it when i uploaded a gigabyte of photos. i literally wanted to say "did you see that?" [ male announcer ] when people switch from cable to verizon fios there comes a moment when they get it. the difference 100% fiber optics makes. when i saw that picture, i really got it. i can enjoy the game better at home than going to the stadium. i got it when our apartment became the apartment. [ female announce] once you've got it, you get it. it's faster. it's better. so, what are you waiting for? switch to fios tv, internet and phone
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8:34 am
strong winds blowing. you can see how powerful the winds are whipping around. street signs there, that state, massachusetts declared a state of emergency because of the storm that rolled through. it is continuing to roll through with winds and heavy
8:35 am
rain. this is not what we're seeing anymore. >> look at that. >> you incredible. this is new video that we're showing you, the facade of a building fell to the sidewalk. >> yes. the strong winds associated with superstorm sandy caused the partial building collapse in new york city. no one was hurt. here is megan pringle. >> it is a doll house, one of the doll houses, it looks like it was cut in half. bam, look at the video. an explosion in new york. this is a con edison plant. this is one of the reasons part of new york is in the dark. governor cuomo reporting 1.9 million people are in the dark in new york. if you have been watching coverage on a network. you have seen this, the reporter braving the elements. this is a "cnn" reporter. is this guy for real? he is. he is making his way through a street waist-deep. >> yes. you can see the reporters that
8:36 am
love this stuff. christian staffer is lifting for this. he was in ocean city ahead of the storm. he made his way up the side of the delmarva, that's where she is now, but he's stuck. >> exactly. 200,000 people without power this morning. the good news is, the numbers went up yesterday. but they are going down very slowly this morning. bge crews are working to get power back on. hi.
8:37 am
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make your day bunches better. all right. thanks for joining us this morning. we're not usually on this time of the day, but we're on for you, just in case, the big
8:39 am
story yesterday was hurricane sandy making her way. now, shoo is being dubbed a super storm. >> because of the wind, the rain, the underring on the eastern shore, but on the back side of this, with the storm system we have snow across parts of west virginia, kentucky, north carolina, virginia who would have thought a massive superstorm. there is the explanation? >> all right. here is lynette charles. to see what we're in for today. >> we're in for more rain, but the rain is going to be lighter. we're not going to see the heavy bands all daylong like yesterday. just a few, but they are starting to taper off, too. so, we have snow back off towards the west. maybe 2 to 3 feet of snow in west virginia. and also in western maryland. before it is all said and done, but we zoom into areas that we were looking at the heavier rain. we have it moving off towards the west right now. so, basically this is in virginia. we're going to continue with the light rain. the light rain is in the green
8:40 am
color. basically that is everywhere else as we go through the rest of today. the light rain will be steady. so the rainfall totals will begin to add up again into the afternoon. a lot of spas -- spots had hove an inch of rain. we're in the morning time with flooding. the winds to contend with. not. not as windy as yesterday, but still windy nonetheless. we can see gusts up to 40 and we're seeing 50s in arlington. we have the 30s along the eastern shore. two more miles an hour. well, we would have tropical storm force winds there, but these are gusts that we're going to be talking about throughout the day. sustain winds will be more like 15 and 10. this is but we're talking about on a breezy day. conditions will continue to improve. but it is going to take a bit. so, we have flood warnings
8:41 am
still up through today. we're also going to be dealing with the coastal flood warning through wednesday. we is the high tide that is coming. that will be around 11:00 today, a little bit after 11:00 this morning. peak wind gusts for yesterday, look what we have? hurricane force winds in atlantic city, down to new market, still tropical storm force winds we're talking about for today. it will be breezy, but not that bad. let's talk about what is going to happen in the future. i'm looking in my crystal ball, i think you will like what i'm going to pullout. conditions will begin to improve by thursday. the breeze is still out there and sunshine in the forecast. brightening things up. that continues through the week. the temperatures warmup as well. back to hold wean. it will be on the windy side. so, sandy has messed up halloween plans. now, a check with time-saver traffic. good morning. good morning. hurry up thursday, i'm tired of
8:42 am
the rain. unfortunately we're anticipating more power outages as we experience stronger winds. also, all mta service has been
8:43 am
suspended. over to you. >> all right. we continue this morning the check in with our local leaders and the government county, city and state. we want to check in with hower county. they the thousands of power outages in the area and a nasty sewage situation. >> yes. the county executive for our county is on the phone with us. good morning to you. >> good morning. guys. all right. first thing is first, let's get to the power outages. 14,000 in your conti. excuse me, 15,800 right now. this has got to be a good sign all things considered, would you agree? >> all things considered, absolutely. our family is one of those 14,000, it could have been worse. we have seen it worse recently. >> and your concern this morning? >> our biggest issue is working with bg&e. waiting to get our wastewater
8:44 am
treatment plant up and running. we have two power forces that feed it. they have been down all night. that's the number 1 priority to see that our treatment plant is on-line. i was on the phone with the president of gbe who is working on hard on. that is my concern at the moment. the other concern is reminding people that, there are still concerns out there. there are a number of roads that are closed because of some flooding issues and trees down and power lines down. there's not a lot, but about 15 to 20 roads that, are in that condition. then lastly, the carbon monoxide is generator safety is a concern. we did have to take three people to shock trauma last night we were running a generator inside of a home. one gentlemen is in critical condition. a lot of people are running generators who may not normally run them. so, again, not in the house,
8:45 am
not in the garage. keep the generator away from your home. >> you know, ken, you're one of the more hands on county executives out there. you get out in situations.
8:46 am
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some of them seeing the damage. over all a lot of people out here feeling that they may have dodged a bullet but you know at the same time we're not quite sure that the worse is over yet
8:54 am
if the waters keep rising. >> this equaling the sentiment of government officials who say do not let your guard down yet. have you seen police patrolling the streets. >> reporter: we haven't seen many. but we have seen them as the sun comes up. we've seen state and county service trucks driving around, mainly police. we've seen a lot of police. including the highway patrol out here basically just cruising around. making sure everybody is okay. we did stop and talked to a couple of themes. we stopped one and he was optimistic that the waters had peaked and they were starting to recede. but he didn't really sure that's just what his eye
8:55 am
perceived. but do not let your guard down, but clearly the storm is ending. >>irk yuhnke reporting. bge said they brought in 60,000 extra people. 193,000 people without power. seems like a lot but actually they've said they've restored power 19,000 people. >> 1,300 people without power from anne arundel county. governor o'malley has been monitoring the storm from where he has been the entire time at mema. >> reporter: good morning, things are starting to calm
8:56 am
down a little been here. it's still raining. the ground is saturated at the moment. the wind has come down a bit from my earlier shot it was gusting pretty high, 25 miles per hour. now maybe up to 15 to 20 so not quite as much. they just came out here, this is an official rain gauge here. they have a whole weather system center set up here. they just emptied this and from 8:00 a.m. yesterday to 8:00 a.m. today it was registering at 4.25-inches, fell right here at the maryland emergency management agency. in risers town. they just popped this thing up. you can measure it. the rain gathers in there. this is an official rain gauge bucket here. when we say how much fell in the bucket this is what the bucket looks like. 4.33 and this will fill up as it continues to rain here. temperatures keep dropping and we're waiting of course the governor come can go up at 10:30. >> that is about an hour and a
8:57 am
half away here on abc2. you're going to see that but right now you're going to see video coming from new jersey. the -- jeep may have had second thoughts. >> and you've heard lauren talk about this the last few days, don't take a chance because your car can wash away. >> the physical manifestation of turn around, don't drown. >> a catchy phrase and one we say all the time. people think they can make it through that, don't think that. >> because he has a big car but the ground might not even be there. that's why you don't want to drive through you can get through it might not mess with your gas tank. but you can drive and the
8:58 am
ground just given way. you don't want to do that, that's a no no. >> i was going to go if he was a viewer. you talk about it all the time, turn around don't drown. >> julie has a helicopter and she doesn't live that far away. >> super storm, the sandy. we've this here and she blew on shore last night. look how fast. picked up speed 28 miles per hour that was the fasters forward momentum with this storm. blew in still wreaking havoc. bringing some rain it is now bringing some lighter rain. this big shield of rain this could be a little confusing thinking it's really raining out there. it's raining don't get my wrong but it's a light steady rain coming through the area. let's go back toward the west
8:59 am
where it is bringing snow. we do still have a couple of pockets of heavier rain in some of the oranges. but all in all we're seeing a lot more of the green stuff. don't be surprised, a little bit of sleet mixed in here. we look at future trend, we still have the rain coming in. we put it into motion and we start to see clearing conditions as we go through the day especially as we go through tomorrow. we will be out of the woods pretty soon but you don't want to wait too long. plenty of gray sky, fog and also rain across the area. here are the temperatures this is what i want to show you 38- degree. this is cold this morning. so if you are still seeing a little bit of sleet don't be surprised. if not hail. hail comes with thunderstorms and we're not dealing with any ty

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